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Wheel Refurbishment

It doesn’t matter where your vehicle is, be it in, Cheshire, Manchester, Sheffield or South Yorkshire, our professional team at WheelMaster will bring our mobile wheel services to you, saving you time and money.

Wheel Experts

We are the specialists you should turn to when you want your wheels to get a complete makeover. We have the skills and experience to get the job done quickly, reliably and affordably.

What We Can Do:

  • Repair of kerb scratches/dents
  • Lease return vehicle specialists
  • Remove corrosion and pitting
  • Total wheel refurbishment
  •  Buckle repairs
  • Colour changes 
  • Diamond cut wheel specialists 
  • Fix leaking rims

What type of Wheels do I have?

Standard wheel: Offering a uniform finish, this is the most common type of wheel finish. Colours can vary from each manufacturer.

Split rim wheels: Mainly found on luxury sports cars, these are identified by a ring of bolts found between the spokes and outer rim. The centre part of the wheel includes spokes that normally contain a painted or polished finish with the outer rim being a diamond cut/polished finish. 

Diamond cut wheel: These wheels have a machine finish to the face and include a painted finish to the rest of the wheel. The painted finish varies in colour depending on the manufacturer. 

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